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Yes, we're accepting affiliates! :D Your site must be a shrine related to D.Gray-man and have a decent content (which means, real content, not coming soon pages). If you're interested in affiliation, please send an email to sugariespice{@} and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. :) And here are the current affiliates!

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So, did you have a fun time at Skydancer? If so, why don't you link to us in your website :D All links should be directed to otherwise it will not work. You may use the buttons I made below to link this site. If you don't like these buttons or would like to show your skills in button-making, please feel free to donate! I'd be more than happy to accept button donations. :D

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Here are wonderful sites most of my resources and materials came from. Please make sure you pay them a visit or two. :)